Delta Velorum


Delta Velorum Corporation is an industrial company founded in the year 2780. It is specialised in mining and refining minerals. Over the years it has developed into a larger industry that provides the Bubble with all kinds of resources. We keep expanding and looking into other ways to help mankind survive. Our goal is not only to help our members, but to help everyone. Delta Velorum Corporation is independent. Neutral to both the Empire and the Federation. As of the year 3304, Delta Velorum Corporation helps out the new commanders to get started in the milky way, if you want to earn your money via mining, bounty hunting or whatever other way. Our members will always be happy to help you out. Together we stay strong.

elite dangerous mining

mining icon Mining

Delta Velorum Corporation was created due to the need of resources. It started as a small company that mined resources, mining is one of the easiest ways to earn your credits. Just like that we can help beginners getting started with mining. For beginners, mining will be the easiest and fastest way to get credits.

bounty icon Bounty Hunting

As beginner, bounty hunting is a slow way to earn your money. Delta Velorum Corporation has it's own combat section. Our pilots can help you out to get started with bounty hunting and other combat. We all started from scratch.

exploration icon Exploration

Delta Velorum also has community events, most of them are exploration. Nothing is better then sitting back in your chair and exploring the milky way. Our events are hosted on a weekly basis. A list of upcoming events can be found. here.

pirate icon Combat

Delta Velorum Corporation also has it's own combat section, as described in bounty hunting above. We do PvP too. So if you're in trouble and you need backup, or want a safe transport back home. We got you covered.

credits icon Grinding

Grinding, we. want. money. Who doesn't? Play together with our members and earn tons of credits in no time. Playing together makes things waaaay easier, plus you get to know other people. We see this as an absolute win!